About Us

We are Non-Governmental, Peace Advocate, Non-partisan, Non-Profit Making, and NonPolitical Organization:

The Eye Opener youth and Women Foundation is: Committed to Improve the quality of Mental Health of Nigerians by working in line with World Health Organization, Carrying Out Free Teaching, Training of Prevention and Recovery with other Interventions programs on Tobacco and Substance Use Disorder to everybody and all groups of People: is a Non-Governmental, Peace Advocate, Non-partisan, Non-Profit Making, and Non- Political Organization (NGO) Registered and Working in Nigeria


The Eye Opener started as a Humanitarian Service by the Founder Mrs. Margaret K Julius (then Miss Margaret Moses) who is well noted in the Community from 2001 to date as loving meeting the need of the less privileged, gathering the youth and women in the community for counseling, teaching and encouragement for the betterment of their lives. The Substance Use Disorder Service Started in 2009. The Foundation is working in Kaduna, Abuja, Adamawa and Plateau State, hoping to spread to the 36 State of Nigeria

To Reduce the Health Social and Economic Problems Associated with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), Enhance Community Mental Well-being by providing Free Prevention Interventions of Substance misuse to Universal, Selective and Indicated population at all levels for Everybody and all Groups of Children; Providing free Recovery Training for Community Stakeholders

(Community leaders Teachers, Youth, Women groups, people with Disabilities and Faith Organizations); Alleviate some contributing factors to substance misuse in Nigeria by Training and empowering vulnerable Mothers and Youth with Income Generating Activities (IGA) riding on SDG 1, 2, and 3 so as to help save the life of Children. Youth and Women,

To Advocate Peace and Unity in Nigeria

To work and Prevent the lives of Children by Carrying out Free Prevention/ Recovery Interventions Teaching, and dealing with the contributing factors of Substance abuse in the lives of the substance misuse Patients

The Eye Opener Youth and Women Foundation is Committed to Empower the lives of Nigerians in order to fulfill purpose and have a Tobacco/Drug free and Peaceful Nigeria by carrying out Free Prevention and Recovery Intervention Education to the Universal, Selective and Indicated Populations in schools, orphanages. Centers and Communities

The Eye Opener youth and women foundation works mainly through and with the communities’ leaders. Centers and schools in Nigeria, our strategy is to building their capacity and get them involve and see the Prevention and Recovery interventions as their work, the foundation also collaborate with the relevant Government agencies and prevention professionals


An important component of the Foundation’s work is the Free Teaching/ Training and the giving of free quality Tobacco Abstinence Club Jackets to Teenagers and youth: involving them, women and people with disability in the good work of teaching children how to say No and stay abstain from substances and evil acts


The Foundation seeks collaboration with National and International Donors/ grant makers and international agencies working in its target areas.

Mental Well-being/Health Education Youths and Women Economic Empowerment (Agriculture/Vocational Skills Training), Peace / Unity Advocate.

The Eye Opener youth and Women Foundation is a member of International Society of Substance Use Professional (ISSUP) and World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD), Alumni of Ecolink Institute of well-being India, also partnering with NDLEA and Planned Parenthood Federation Nigeria (PPFN). We employ networking and partnership building with prevention professionals as tools to effective service. We work towards establishing a wide array of collaborative relationships with Professionals aimed to maximize our impact

Family Involvement, Community Involvement, Profession Ethics standard, Government Participation, Client/Patient Security Promoting Well-Ness Services of Tobacco user and Substance Use Disorder patient in Nigeria

Cities, Towns and Villages within the 36 States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigeria Map having:

Shape of the Human Eye that signifies the name of the Foundation “The Eye Opener

The three colors in the Eye Signifies-

Red Stands for Danger of Substance Use Disorder And Smoking Addiction (SUDASA)

White for Peace/Unity

Gold Stands for Wealth for the vulnerable Youth/Women

Green Olive leaf is an indicator of solving conflict in a peaceful way

Our Organogram

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