About Tobacco Abstainance Club

The Eye Opener youth and Women Foundation is: committed to improve the quality of mental health of Nigerians by working in line with World Health Organization, carrying a prevention interventions programs on Tobacco and Substance abuse. For effective result, The Tobacco Abstinence Club is founded and now in operation in over three states across the Country (Nigeria)

The Purpose of Tobacco Abstinence Club

  1. To open the education and freely teach everyone and groups on the effects of smoking and drugs abuse to the body family and community in order to keep everyone and every group healthy thus achieve their aspiration in life
  2. To freely educate children on how to say No Psychoactive substance and stay abstain
  3. To Freely train people from each group to become Health Educators of mental wellness and teachers of prevention and Recovery on Drug abuse and smoking, thereby raising legions of like-minded Prevention and Recovery teachers and advocators of Drug abuse in Nigeria

4.To protect, save the lives of children youth and women in Nigeria

  1. To get closer to everybody and groups through the Tobacco/Abstinence Club
  2. To have no smoking, drug free and healthy children in Nigeria


Partners / Membership

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